Kingsway Baptist is privileged to be the sponsors of a young Muslim family from Syria.  They arrived in Canada in the middle of February 2016 and were immediately settled in an apartment not far from the church.  The family is a young couple with two young children (2 years old and a 6 month old baby upon arrival).  They came to us from Jordan where they had spent several years as refugees, having left southern Syria.

Kingsway had decided to ask to sponsor a family who had a member with a disability because we had been told these families have a harder time getting sponsored.  The disability in the case of our family is a congenital heart defect of the baby.  The family had many medical appointments and finally on April 6, 2016, the little baby had six-hour open heart surgery at Sick Kids Hospital.  The baby has fully recovered and is now developing into a thriving toddler.

We have been thankful for all the donations of money, furnishings, clothing and other items which have enabled us to settle this family very comfortably.  The parents arrived in Canada without a word of English and the focus is now on them learning English to allow them to be self-sufficient.  The church will continue to support them throughout 2017 as they strive to learn English and eventually enter job training.  As we are now able to communicate in rudimentary English, we are hopeful that by the summer of 2017 they will be able to turn their focus to obtaining job training.


Those who have worked with the family have found that they are gentle and kind and focused on the welfare of their young children. They are thrilled to be in Canada and with the opportunities Canada presents to them.  They have enjoyed outings to various cottages, Camp Kwasind, Niagara Falls and around Toronto.   They are extremely hospitable and most thankful for all the efforts undertaken on their behalf.  While they wish to reduce their dependence on their sponsors, they also have formed close relationships with a number of our members. 


We praise God that we have had the opportunity to assist a family in need in this manner.  



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